30 July 2009

Thirsty Thursday

For the drinker "on the go!" from Vinegar Vintage.

Plaid Vintage Cocktail Glasses from Modish Vintage

27 July 2009

Simple elegance and outlandish style, two new team members

I am the new member of "Carried Away: Etsy Bag Maker Team!" Below is an excerpt from the team blog. Thanks for the props and the warm welcome!

Weather you feel sassy enough to carry this great showstopping mod floral clutch from new team member Vernon Ave or a little more into the reserved elegance that is this modern punk and brown clutch from Esther Chung, the members of Carried Away make bags to fit ANY mood or event. Let's say hello to our two newest members!

You should read the entire article Here!

Music Monday

Vintage Handheld Radio in powder blue. Ahhhh....refreshing and perfect for any vintage radio collector or old skool fun. You can get this immediately at Crabville in Autumn.

24 July 2009


Doll Cake - Dog Tag Key Chain from Stitchy McYarnpants

Welcome to Flavor Friday! I will be featuring some of my favorite tasty treats on Friday! These are my Etsy picks for today! Enjoy!

09 July 2009

"Un cortadito, por favor..."

Cafe con leche, originally uploaded by Chris Blanar.
awww...memories of cuban coffee. I lived in Miami for several years and really do miss the coffee! It put me into motion everyday, that is FOR SURE!

07 July 2009

ummm....love, love, love!

Flickr find of the day, Petra Boase mug. You can check it out on
Print & Pattern !

06 July 2009

Taste Like Candy....

Yummy! A match made in heaven. My new wristlet in my Etsy shop and a trio of sweet Vespas.

04 July 2009

Firecrackers, Smoking Jackets, and Martinis Don't Mix.

If I were to have a Fourth Party today, I would want to use these great "Drunken Tags" by Farouche. A great shop with great art prints, stationery and lots of fun stuff. Also, check these great "Worst Pickup Line" cards like "Are You a Parking Ticket? 'Cause You've Got Fine Written All Over You!". he-he

01 July 2009

Donna Reed Gets Down and Dirty in the 90210...

Omigawd is all I can say. Amazing vintage dresses from Timeless Vixen Vintage! This shop has selections that are perfection! Donna Reed, Mary, Joan and Grace would be proud! If this were only my closet! So dreamy!