30 June 2011

lords of the new church

this could be new new church. Lords South Beach. too bad this was not there when i lived there. hmmm. maybe a trip back. sooooon.

03 June 2011

picnic friday

picnic in style. the colors. yowza! check out this cool vintage shoppe! retro-ology.

13 May 2011

happy friday.

whew. finally here. now I don't want to ruin my rep because I normally don't go for pics like these but...just makes you smile. and I had to put my own little twist.

04 May 2011

03 May 2011

could mint juleps get any better i ask you?

This is a fabulous idea for your Derby Party! Check out the recipe on Hostess (with the mostess).

Derby Week!

mint julep for getting your scrub on!

29 April 2011

Lolla Outfit 2

Old Navy maxi dress
$40 - oldnavy.gap.com

Old Navy maxi dress
$25 - oldnavy.gap.com

Hoolala locket necklace
38 GBP - hannahzakari.co.uk

Bangle bracelet
$23 - amazon.com

Michael Stars straw fedora
$34 - piperlime.gap.com

28 April 2011

Polyvore First Attempt

First Attemp - Lolla Outfil

This is my first attempt at using Polyvore. and I call myself a designer. bleh! Wow, it definitely is a whole new world. THIS is going to be fun!!! Also my first attempt at an outfit for Lollapalooza! yipee...yay...yay!

18 April 2011

The Second Most Awesome Art Market

Vernon Ave Handbags had a set-up at The Second Most Awesome Art Market on the first weekend of April. Had lots of fun and was spreading the handbag love! I will post pics later! Thanks for coming out to The Glassworks.

03 March 2011

swipe files

swipe files, as they were called when i was in art school were files you kept of inspiration, pictures, newspaper clippings, magazine tear sheets and any other napkin doodle that you wanted to hang onto or paste into a journal for safe keeping. future inspiration.yes, way back in the day when you flipped through a magazine, a book, a newspaper, a zine. anyways, talk about future inspiration. i saw these on sfgirlbybay and had a fit. fits of delight. i love her blog but this, this .....thank you sfgirlbybay

02 March 2011

war of the worlds

sneakers after my heart. hello kitty and vans? really. but bet I will have some. age appropriate or NOT. check it.

22 February 2011

love at first sight

Herzog by You Work for Them. one of my faves.

16 February 2011

Bluegrass Etsy Street Team

I designed the business cards for my etsy team. Check us out at Kentucky Handmade.

10 February 2011

bacon awesomeness.

bacon and jam. umm... say yes, please. from who else, a slow cooker recipe from martha.

09 February 2011

hot seat

if only... i would get one in every color.