22 November 2010

badass laundry

I really don't dream of laundry facilities, I try to avoid them at all cost. However, this is a badass laundry interior. I would hang here and make some suds and maybe drink some suds. It's that cool.

15 November 2010

who died and made you boss?

James Victore has a new book. (in September, that is) buy it. One of my favorite designers, if not the favorite. So hard to choose, so many, so little time. I was fortunate enough to meet him, hear him speak and see him wander the halls when I attended The Portfolio Center. At the time he was doing some great work for the school. I don't want to sit here and describe his work because you should form your own opinion. I like it.

12 November 2010

the sex pistols selling out...

Sad or not? Love the Sex Pistols, not so sure I would wear these jeans. British brand Money have given 70 pairs of their Autumn/Winter gold Union Jack jeans a Punk edge with a signing by The Sex Pistols’ Paul Cook. Available now at £195, the limited edition jeans can be bought online and exclusively in Harvey Nichols. Found this here. very cool stuff.

08 November 2010

london..i want you back..

I have sat at this very pub and drank a pint too. very cool view of Convent Garden. Get me back to London. need vacation soon..very soon. Cheers!

04 November 2010

Best Halloween Costume Ever!

I saw this on Craft today and just had to share.I think this is the best Halloween costume ever! This is so creative and genius. I love Banksy's work and have been privileged enough to see his art in London and capture them in photos. This is the "Flower Thrower". You can check out more here.