08 January 2010

Oh Vivienne, How I love thee...

Let me count the ways. Dame Vivienne Westwood, (yes, I said Dame) has created the best wallpaper frocks out there. And if I were looking for a wallpaper frock, these definitely would be the ones. You can check out more here.

I have admired Vivienne Westwood for a very long time. Shall I just say since I had a purple mohawk and purple plaid pants to match the mohawk. The mohawk is gone but my adoration still lives on for punk and all its goodness. Vivienne brought punk and new wave fashion into the main stream. I am always excited when she does a modern day punk collaboration with the right folks. So……wait for it…. Vivienne Westwood wallpaper! Yes, you can coat your walls with the best punk plaid (uh, die, die, die for) or modern designs ever from her fashion collections. Delve into the designs of a post punk hero! Available at Cole & Son.