31 March 2009

when DIY was a dirty word...

part one

My first foray with “handmade”, as far as I can remember was making popsicles with the old school Tupperware kit or selecting a beautiful crushed blue velvet fabric (wowzer!) for matching outfits for my Mom, sister and me. We even wore white go-go boots with them! There were other quests, such as popsicle stick picture frames, (thus the life long obsession with popsicles) or a hideous clay bowl I made in Girl Scouts. I still have it, to remind me of my roots. He-he!

This was the beginning of love and war with DIY. Do It Yourself. Through the years, there have been many failures and successes. Crocheting, painting, (the walls, houses, furniture, bowls, shelves, canvas and basically anything I could get my hands on), drawing, sewing, gig posters, wood carving, jewelry making, bleaching clothes, stamp making, scrap booking (note: before all the commercial stuff), etc., etc,. And blah, blah, blah! This led me, naturally into a career of design, marketing and event planning. And…led me back to the beginning of handmade goods and the fascination I had as a child. It is a great feeling.

In this new world of handmade, and millions of talented artists, I am fearful to dive in. The digital world entwined with the careful, skillful work of your own two hands make it even more intriguing. There are so many ways to be creative and critiqued…..I think I can, I think I can….I think I can. …To Be Continued…..


Lindsay said...

i like it and look forward to reading more :)

KimberlyRies said...

Congrats on starting your blog! It looks great. Be sure to add a follow button to your blog so everyone can follow you!